Quotes by Bernard Poolman and Sunette Spies

Whenever an Individual or Group present a concept that will fundamentally change the way things are done with a new value system, The majority that fear they will lose THEIR values, go crazy. Values that are not foundational Life values as an right to life equally for all, are not values, they are Greeds. Whenever personal values overshadow Equal Values as what is best for life, the personal value is greed and self interest. Be challenged. Study a new World Of order based on Equal Life Rights. Equal Money System. do not let your fear expose your greed. Challenge your greed and grant Life to all equally. That is true divinity and Godly.

The Equal Money System have as Goal to Educate prospective parents with the skills and understanding necessary BEFORE a child is Born to make sure that the Child have every opportunity of an excellent Life and the required Base foundation as example of what it means to give as you would receive with a dedication to care for Life in all ways. We are what we are taught form Birth and changing our Beginning Here will change Human Nature. We all know this, yet we continue to ignore what can be changed.

When Love is justified by Hate as its Opposite, Love is born of Fear. Where the Love of Life exist, There is No fear and No Opposite as Life always fulfill itself with Giving as it will receive. Are you Life? The you will know Love and You will not accept Anything less than Life For Any One no matter where your Love as life will take you to bring this fruit of Life to Perfection. Be not fooled by the Love of feelings as it is but Illusions that disappear when Storms arrive. Love as life whether all storms as it knows only itself as Life. Where opposites decide, Life do not exist.

Money is the Sugar High for the mind and act like fructose in the human body. Both are Toxins to Life as it disregard the relationships that is best for Life to bring excellence for ALL into being. When ALL FINANCIAL PLANS MADE ALWAYS INCLUDE ALL LIFE, we have STOPPED GREED.


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