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In order to change our accepted human nature, research has shown that we must self-motivate to bring about the self-change - and to do so we must write...

Writing out our experiences by detailing them according to the fears, thoughts, imaginations, backchats (voices in our head), reactions and the consequences that result from our behaviour, we can see how we have programmed ourselves. However, this has to be done in absolute self-honesty.

To release ourselves from the bonds of the mind, we forgive ourselves first. Through self-forgiveness statements we acknowledge that we recognise our self-programmed nature and we are taking the first step to self-change. Once released from the bonds we "walk" the change into the living flesh by changing our behaviour. In self-commitment statements we write out how we go about stopping our automated behaviour, the behaviour we have recognised in our self-forgiveness statements.

Learning how to write self-forgiveness is offered gratis. It is an online course where an individual is guided by those who are "walking" this process for some time now. This process is a commitment to life itself, it is the willingness to do what it takes to change oneself to become equal and one to all that is here.

Equality through what is best for all - join us and free yourself from the bonds you have created for yourself and all of humanity.

For more information, or to sign up for the free course:

When you reach the stage that you have seen how the mind works and that to continue your process you will need to go deeper and be more specific, you are ready to go onto the pro course.

Here you will learn not only life-skills but self-mastery!


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