Friday, May 1, 2015

Day 575 - Who am I within my personal data when signing up for Airbnb

Today I was preparing for a meeting. It's important that I get there relaxed and so instead of riding on the train for 6 hours straight and then go into an 8 hour meeting, I decided to break down my journey. I opted for staying overnight in the city where I have to change trains. As I was looking for an inexpensive hotel, I could literally find nothing that was in the neighbourhood of the train station. So I took the road of crowd sourcing and signed up for Airbnb. This is not the first time I have gone this road a few years back, just when Airbnb came to Europe I took advantage of it in a similar vein staying overnight somewhere on the way to the airport.

As I signed up, I was asked to upload my passport, the main page that is. I also had to state other detailed information to complete my profile, and it felt like I was being scrutinised already guilty for something that I had not done yet.  I reacted because I experienced this request for personal data as a form of violation. Yet at the same time, I understand that precautions have to be put in place because of people's unpredictable behaviour as well as their pretence about who they are and what they want from others.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not want to hand over my personal data because I see that there is a belief that I am better than others and that I would never 'do' anything bad in relation to my potential host. I realise that I require to direct myself in this matter and that this digital security "mechanism" is what is best for all at the moment because humanity is not trustworthy. I realise that I am walking my process towards this change to be able to respect life, living and earth, and I recognise that within the group of humanity I am no exception but the norm. As such I commit myself to accept what I have created in participation with others and move myself to change and push for a life of equality.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realise that this point of experiencing anger when I have to hand over personal data to a digital application has to do with me, and only with me and here I commit myself to look into my life where I am not yet accepting 100%responsibility for what I have created because I see that this anger reflects a point within me where I have not taken full responsibility for myself and thus want to blame an external entity for my experience

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to view personal data as something that is "sacred" and that should not get into the wrong hands which I interpret to be the government and governmental agencies. Here I realise that I am showing to myself that identification with personal data as me. I realise that I need to be operating in the context of this world and that data protection is an issue that requires direction though within this I also realise that I can do this without reactions by directing myself. As I am standing as the self-directive principle, I direct myself within this situation from the starting point of common sense and what is best for all, where I recognise the context of this world for what it is, and I also recognise that personal data is merely data and does not define me. I commit myself to make my choices/decisions about the relationship of my personal data and my digital interactions from this starting point. 


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