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Day 565 - Letting go of the worst case scenario - Fear dimension - Realisations & Commitment pt4

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I have written about a fear that has been with me for many years, I remember being in college /university and having a faint glimpse of this fear but having always managed to "not go there" by suppressing the fear. 

So, now when I looked at the pattern when this fear has reared its head in the past, I saw that it was in specific situations where I did not have enough information to achieve a particular outcome/goal and that there was a relatively high "unknown" factor coupled to the situation/event. The "unknown" was a variable with the potential to have a substantial impact on the quality of my life and even survival.

If I look at it from what I have know about the mind/brain then this is very much the most instinctual aspect of my brain which is in its essence all about fear. The reptilian part of the brain is a system that decides very quickly about many things in our lives. How we like/dislike someone, what a piece of information means? How we should react to an event. It's the brain that works in complete polarisation: fight or flight. Black and white. It cannot compute complexity, and takes very little information to make a decision and hogs imagination to fill in the rest to make up an unsubstantiated story. It's a show. 

Specifically, when we do not have enough data about a person, event, situation - such as when we receive, say, an email from our boss that will only ask us to appear in her office we automatically go into fear states because it's this part of the brain that kicks in to prepare for the worst case scenario. All kinds of 'reasons' that seem plausible in that moment will come up in our minds and we believe them. 

The interesting component is that we have the knowledge about the workings of our brains/minds, it's known to many people and yet we still react to this part of it. Largely because it functions with an enormous speed so that we cannot even see how the situation evolves to a fear state. The fear is suddenly here, and that's it. 

In my commitment to let go of this fear, I see that in the moment when I do not have enough information about a situation/event that has a potential of changing my life (which may also have in part a lot of desire attached to it ) that I allow the automatic functioning of my reptilian brain to take over and generate fear. Even though from another point of view, I see that I do not have sufficient data to predict and project any potential trajectories into the future. 

Therefore the key to stop the reptilian part of my brain to step in for me and take over my mind, is for me to take the reigns into my awareness by slowing myself down. Slowing down is the antidote to speed, so this is where my will comes in. By putting my will onto the process of slowing myself down, I prevent the reptilian brain to take over. Because I will occupy the spot with my self-awareness and move into my chest so that I can concentrate on my breathing utterly and completely without wavering. 

What I have seen already when I have done this is that it stops the automated mechanism being invoked by the reptilian brain, so there is no fight, no flight, I emerge on the other side intact and still in self awareness. 


I commit myself to when and as I am in a situation/event/moment where I am either receiving not enough data to work with, or I am desiring to have more data on a specific issue in my life, I remind myself to bring myself here in awareness instantly and focus on my breathing andbody language, actually moving my body into a power position which I will hold for 2 min. while I continue to focus on my breathing, and from this point forward, I will proceed to participate with my surrounding again. 

In the next posts I will address the remaining dimensions.


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