Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 536 - Commuting made easy

This is a follow up post on the passed two entries days 534 and 535.

Since I last posted, I have applied myself in my daily commute to work in relation to driving and the creation of energy charges as adrenalin rushes through the thoughts I allow in my mind. I will now describe a few points that I have realised and learned to implement.

1. The adrenalin build-up has a starting point which if I allow it will gradually create the final rush state which I experience by the time I arrive at my destination. Previously, when I left my house to drive to work, I find myself impatient to get out of the city and this created the starting point where I set myself up for the rush. Since I started to work with this point I have managed to stay relaxed during the trajectory that leads out of the city, and I have accepted that some days it goes faster and others it goes slower, and that I cannot change this. Once I am on the freeway, I can drive without the adrenalin.

2. I am in the process of stopping all resistances towards the commute: If and when I have resistances come up towards my commute in form of beliefs, desires, and justifications, such as: it's a waste of time, or I don't feel like sitting in the car, it's is a boring activity, I rather be doing something else; I stop myself and bring myself here, I commit myself to invest time in preparing my trip, so that that the quality of the time I spend driving is equal to the time I spend on other activities that are my preference. 

3. I saw clearly the polarisation that I live in terms of preparedness and organisation where on the one hand I am well-organised and prepared and on the other I leave things up to chance. Travelling by car is where I allow myself to leave things up in the air as I do not prepare myself fully when I drive towards a new destination or a place where I do not know the trajectory. So, here, I commit myself to stop the polarisation and become organised and prepared so that travelling by car is an equal activity to those I conduct with preparedness and organisation.


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