Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 533 - Everything hinges on me pt3

In this post I will be walking the self-commitment statements on Day 531 and Day 532.

If and when I believe that I must "help" someone who is closely working with me to manage a task, I stop and breathe and slow myself down - I stop my fear of the consequences and remain here - and I consider another path in how I can support the person.

I commit myself to stop taking responsibility for others because I fear the consequences instead I reset my starting point where I support the cause and do not focus on the person and by finding gentle ways to "demonstrate" what needs to be done without diminishing the other person's responsibility. 

I commit myself to see, realise and understand that I must assess the consequences from common sense and not from 'reasoning' because I realise that I allow myself to use my mind to justify my fear of consequences and to avoid changing myself - so that I end up taking responsibility for someone else' task.

I commit myself to investigate the "responsible" personality so that I stop identifying with the label that "I am responsible" - with the starting point that the outcome of a situation hinges on me. 

I commit myself to stop my automated behaviour of taking on the work that I see others are not doing and slow myself down to understand the details of the situation and determine from within the context of the situation what I need to do and stop "doing" from my memory

If and when I am in a situation where I have to repeat myself to the person, who I am working with, and I am growing resentful and angry that I have to do so, I stop and slow myself down in the moment, I focus on my breath and stop the anger from rising and suppressing, and realise that I can find another angle to communicate the information gently because I see, realise and understand that this is what I would want for myself if I were learning something new from someone else. 
I see, realise and understand that my concern can never be with the person's responsibility of taking the information in because it is their responsibility to learn - and that it is my responsibility in how I conduct myself when I give instructions. 

I commit myself to see, realise and understand the reasons why I do not want to give instructions to someone else so that I can stop the automated program of response. 

I commit to stop expecting another to 'get' my instructions which I realise is one dimension of this program, where I have an expectation that my instructions are fulfilled verbatim. 

I commit myself to assess all situations from the point of common sense by taking a moment and writing it out - just so that I step out of the program of being overloaded with work/tasks/ which I see, realise and understand is a program to avoid facing myself, and by writing the points out for a few minutes, I allow myself to see what is real and what is projection.

I commit myself to investigate the belief that I can do anything and that I have no limit which I realise creates a lot of stress in my life.


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