Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 528 - Two sides of a coin: Two sides of a coin: betrayal and distrust pt11

Here I continue with commitment statements on Day 521

I commit myself to release the energetic charge from when I see my body naked where I automatically judge parts of my body in polarisation which is pattern I have activated through thememory of my mother standing in front of the mirror and looking at her body, while commenting about its positive and negative traits and me believing that I have to do this too when I grow up. 

I commit myself to stop all thoughts that arise about my body as a project-in-progress and release all energetic charges where I want to hide my body because I believe that it is imperfect

I commit myself to stop determining from my mind whether I talk about an event to others who I am not close to, so that I stop making decisions from the starting point of fear of exposure. 

I commit myself to share what needs to be shared with others from common sense and not from a belief that what I share can be ‘used against me’.

I commit myself to share what needs to be shared with others without judgement about my abilities, where I stop all self-diminishment by passing a negative judgement on my abilities. 

I commit myself to stop all safety mechanisms that I have attached to the fear of exposing myself to others, where I use this fear to encourage the belief that when I hide myself I am safe. 

When and as I fear betrayal in a situation, I take the time to write out the situation and further write self-forgiveness on the most prominent emotions that come, and then look at the information and decide from there how to move forward. I commit myself to catch my fear of betrayal when it arises. 

I commit myself to stop the program of hiding myself from others because I realise that it is a gateway to all kinds of acceptances and allowances as this fear becomes the starting point for my actions. 

I commit myself to work through my backchat in self-forgiveness so that I stop using my backchat about my perceived inadequacy to make decisions. 


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