Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Day 527 - Two sides of a coin: Two sides of a coin: betrayal and distrust pt10


Here I continue with self-commitment statements on day 520 

I commit myself to move myself through and out of the program of creating a fear when I am addressed by anyone in relation to bringing my skills as contribution to a project. When and as I am in a moment where a request or mention of my skills surfaces, I breathe and slow myself down, I stay focussed on my breath and do not allow the words to trigger a physical reaction within me. At the same time, I suspend all self-talk that I am not able to do what is requested of me because I see, realise and understand that this is merely a belief I use to avoid to take responsibility for being successful. 

I commit myself to stop all avoidance tactics including the belief of being a fraud because I fear moving myself into the arena of success, therefore I commit myself to take responsibility to accept success as me, equal and one. 

I commit myself to stop attaching fears to the statement you can never have enough skills so that I use the fear to motivate myself to learn new skills. 

I commit myself to release all energetic dimensions from the thought/memory where my father interacts with me as a child where I hold an object in my hand and I am investigating this object and my father takes it out of my hand telling me “that’s not how you do it”. Here, I further commit myself to release all links I have made from the memory to the words: insecurity, inadequacy, and pressure by redefining the words. 

I commit myself to release all energetic dimensions of the belief that I have been lucky so far and that all my achievements have been are the result of some lucky circumstances, because I do not want to take responsibility for success. 

I commit myself to stop all self-manipulation mechanisms within me in relation to success where I dismiss other people’s acknowledgement of my efforts through compliments and other factors of acknowledgement as lies and spend my time looking for the motif of the lie so that i can keep myself trapped within the failure construct. 

I commit myself to stop all self-sabotage in relation to ‘having professional success’ and investigate myself in my current situation, as I am now starting a new 7-year cycle, so that I stop all sabotage and manipulation in the opportunities that are awaiting me to experience professional success. 

I commit myself to release all energetic dimensions in relation to the memory of my mother standing in front of the mirror and evaluating her body negatively, pointing out the areas and aspects that she does not like and that she would like to change, and me, as a child, standing by and experiencing myself awkwardly.

to be continued

My redefinition of the word “success”:

The outcome of a collection of tasks that completes every dimension of each subtask to the point of equality which amounts in physical reality to what is best for all. 


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