Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 518 - 'Mindjacked' backchat in the work place pt6

This is the last post in this series:

Day 512 - 'Mindjacked' backchat in the work place pt1

Day 516 - 'Mindjacked' backchat in the work place pt5

I commit myself to see, realise and understand that I must make adjustments in the way I interact with others in the work place, where I cannot expect them to approach their life from the starting point of process and so I see this as an opportunity to walk in breath and be aware of my behaviour with others. 

I commit myself to stop myself from having an aversion to the roles that I have to play at work where I believe that I have to be someone else when I am actually always in character anyway, and where I have believed my resistances to acting in these roles as being really me. 

I commit myself that thwart all tendencies towards morality and system-honesty and immediately retreat to writing myself when any of this comes up within me. 

I commit myself to let go of my interactions with my colleague’s so that when I interact in a future setting I am able to interact from the starting point of what is here and not from some past even that I have held on in memory

I commit myself to place my starting point with my interactions with my colleagues deliberately into my awareness so that I can start from breath. 

I commit myself to stop projecting how my colleagues will react and interact with me and specifically with “F” after our last episode - I stop all expectationimagination, and take each interaction from the starting point of breath. 

I commit myself to take responsibility and clear myself after each interaction with a colleague when and as I should have thought come up. 

I commit myself to stop all regret and push myself to change in the moment when I interact with my colleagues, especially “F”. 

I commit myself to take responsibility for my backchat and stop believing that backchat will go away but instead I apply myself through writing and speaking self-forgiveness.


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