Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 511 - Memories of my mother pt22

Here I continue on my commitment statements from my previous post. 

I commit myself to stop victimising myself through my communication style where I reflect back to me the situation with my mother telling me to shut up because I am a child, when and as I realise that I sabotage my communication with persons in authority positions.

I commit myself to learnt to speak for myself as myself in all situations where I listen to myself speaking, as I speak explaining to myself that which I want to communicate - meaning, I move my focus on how I express myself for myself and stop all externalisation of my awareness when I communicate. 

I commit myself to become patient with myself when I communicate with others, where I apply myself 100% in formulating what I want to say with simplicity, and I slow down regardless how fast others speak or whether I perceive them as getting impatient - and here, I commit myself to remain within my pace of speaking. 

I commit myself to stop judging from an emotional point of view whether I require to give a lengthy explanation to my communication partner, and stop all my backchat, and communicate within the principle “give as you would like to receive”.

When and as I am in a situation (at work) where I can see failure points in projects, and I fear to communicate these in more detail because I have a belief that this is a waste of my time, I stop and breathe, I see, realise and understand that if I don’t take responsibility for the situation by communicating clearly what I see as failure points and merely state that there are failure points which is then a form of backchat, as a consequence I jeopardise the validity of my statements and my resulting actions. I commit myself to apply myself and take the time to compose in writing the failure points of a particular situation, clearly and ‘objectively’. I further commit myself to look at the projects I have/desire from the point of practicality, feasibility and eliminate any emotional attachment - I slow myself down and empty myself of desires of their emotional content, so that I can address the reality as it is here. 


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