Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day 510 - Memories of my mother pt21

This is a continuation from the previous post.

I commit myself to reverse my relationship to trust in that I trust myself with the relationship I have with self, and eliminate the need to trust the external world. 

I commit myself to identify all labels that I still hang on to and let go of these labels by understanding in self-honesty why I hang onto them. 

I commit myself to let go of the thought-pictures of my parents which I have used to program myself to belief that I am powerless.

I commit myself to identify and let go of programs that I have internalised that are based on blackmail - which I have stored in my memory from my relationship with my mother.

I commit myself to stop all thoughts in relation to my resentment and justifications towards my mother so that I can stand one and equal to her as a human being and not from the perspective of my “abusive mother”.

I commit myself to stop living my life from the perspective of my childhood where I relate to the world as victim of circumstances, instead of relating to the world as responsible being as participant in all that happens on earth and therefore stand equal to the problems in the world and change myself to that I direct myself within the principle of what is best for all. 

I commit myself to end any emotional attachment of the memory of a thought “waiting-to-get-away-from-my-parents” and realise that this waiting-game is something I have used to avoid making decisions in my life.

I commit myself to take myself seriously, by applying a disciplined and principled approach to my life situations and stop myself from reacting from the starting point of my thoughts. 

I commit myself to re-listen to the interviews on resentment and learn to sound self-forgiveness in the way that shatters resentment so that I can walk the correction in relation to my mother and the points of resentment that are born from that relationship. 


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