Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 509 - Memories of my mother pt20

So now I follow up with the commitment statements from these posts

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When and as I have a phrase my mother used to speak to me surface in my mind and react to it, I stop and breathe, I check within myself what emotion I experienced within that moment, and I continue to write on the topic in self-honesty. I commit myself to empty all those phrases that come up in my mind, of their emotional content through self-honesty. 

I commit myself to undo the denial and suppression that I have allowed and accepted to exist within myself through the relationship with my mother by writing myself out in self-honesty and walking the correction.

I commit myself to be patient and gentle with myself and trust myself that I am able to walk through the points of my relationship with my mother. 

I commit myself to stop holding back and empty myself of these memories of my mother and my childhood and stop accepting the reaction of being bored with the topic.  

I commit myself to stop my imagination about being powerful when I no longer have a reaction in the company of my mother. 

I commit to use these points, the memories of my mother, to move myself and continue to build the relationship with myself and stop reacting to the external world. 

I commit myself to redefine the word power.

My redefinition of Power:
The ability to move oneself with goal-oriented behaviour with awareness of the physical context, to connect, support, and to strengthen the individuals’ life in relation to the betterment of the whole of humanity, whereby this ability is equally available to each human throughout all levels of human existence.

I commit myself to empty all energetic charges from the memory of my mother and father telling me that I was just a child and that what I want/say does not count.

I commit myself to eradicate all fear of conflict within me by walking through all the memories that caused me to fear conflict. 

I commit myself to eradicate all helplessness because I have internalised the beliefs of my parents, and have configured other beliefs based on those beliefs, where helplessness was transferred from one belief to the next. 

I commit myself to eradicate all fear of responsibility because I have programmed myself to believe that I am helpless and that I am a victim based on the memories of my relationship with my mother and father during my childhood.


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