Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 504 - The trinity of inferiority/rejection/recognition 2

Commitment statements from the previous post

commit myself to identify all memories that are linked to inferiority, self-rejection and desire of recognition from others and will eradicate all energy from these memories, and then apply myself in physical reality to change my starting point of interaction with the world to be from with the relationship I have with myself, focussed on creating that which is best for all. 

I commit myself to take responsibility to investigate in self-honesty all three pillars and to not let go until I understand the relation of how they are interconnect and build the web of my three minds

I commit myself to eliminate all baggage I have adopted from my childhood and interaction with my parents through mind constructs and daily blog writing

I commit myself to treat myself as living being and stop all beliefs in thoughts that tell me that I have to measure myself in my performance in any way. 

I commit myself to shed my perception of inferiority and drop all other perceptions of myself that I can conjure up with my ego, so that I can address the world around me from within the relationship I have with myself and act with common sense. 

I commit myself to stop giving myself permission in any way, shape or form, to experience myself as inferior so that I brake the pattern of rejecting myself which motivates me to look for recognition outside of myself - I therefore slow myself down and take a breath before speaking, and look at the different situations in my life through self-honesty

I commit myself to become entire self-responsible and stop all fear in relation to facing myself in every situation that I encounter in the world.

I commit myself to eliminate all energetic reactions from the word failure and redefine the word so that I stop all related fear reactions


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