Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 500 - Memories of my mother pt13

…I continue from my previous post with commitment statements on establishing a relationship in trust with myself

I commit myself to return the relationship with my body to that when I was a very young child in that I had no judgement of my body but have used the memories of my mother in relation to the comments my mother has made about my body to create a mind-relationship with my physical body.

I commit myself to release all memories of my mother that I have used to program myself because as a child I have seen my mother as more experienced and world-savvy, and have used this point to unconditional accept her statements and thus program myself accordingly. I further commit myself to be aware of this mechanism when communicating with others who are younger and who may also approach me as the person with more experience and thus uncritically take my words on board. I commit myself to see, realise and understand that as we get older we have more responsibility towards those who are younger because when interacting with others we also teach our ‘ways’ to them. 

I commit myself to stop the pattern which started with the memory of my mother where I have dismissed my own understanding and view of a situation but instead have given value to my mother’s view and have perpetuated this program up until today where I allow to be influenced in my decision by others. 

I commit myself to release the memory of my father where I have programmed myself to avoid looking back at my decisions - in all dimensions - and continue to investigate myself with more rigor and commitment so that I see, realise and understand every decision I have made in my life.

I commit myself to stop the interaction mechanisms that is rooted in the memory of my mother by slowing myself down when interacting with others so that I can release myself fromexpectations when interacting with others and when those expectations remain unfulfilled I experience myself as uncomfortable. I further commit myself to become aware of the triggers in my communication with others where I launch the experience of feeling uncomfortable.


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