Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 499 - Memories of my mother pt12

In this post I continue on the commitment statements to release all programs related to the lack and fear of self-trust. 

commit myself to see, realise and understand that lack of self-trust is a ‘negative ego program’ that produces energetic reaction patterns similar to positive ego programs and to further see, realise and understand that real self-trust is born from and as the relationship of Self. 

commit myself to release all memories in relation to family life with my parentsas part of the process of creating my own stable environment and stop feeling secure within the program of instability.

I commit myself to release myself and my mother from the memory (of the bunk bed) and by doing so release myself from the prison of resentment

I commit myself to address myself with patience and stop judging myself when I fall momentarily - instead I recognise the progress I have made already and continue on working on this point. 

I commit myself to use the pictures/memories of my mother to release the programs of lack of self-trust and self-value and the need to control and stop bringing up these memories in any other context as I have been doing in the past to reiterate my childhood experiences and to strengthen resentment

I commit myself to walk out of these programs in relations to the memories of my mother until it’s done and take responsibility for having created and solidified a self-imprisonment because I have used resentment to keep these memories ‘alive’ within myself.

I commit myself to become aware of my physical reactions so that I see, realise and understand where I have 'lodged' memories of my mother within my body

I commit myself to stop all beliefs in the thoughts that come when I am investigating the memories of my mother where I tell myself that I don’t know how to move myself out of the memorybecause I realise that that this is my mind with sabotage maneuvers that I have allowed to exist as in this physical reality.  

I commit myself to further investigate the way I dress and the way I relate to my body as part of the memory release of my mother commenting on the way I look. 

I commit myself to stop all thoughts that look at my body from the perspective of being flawed and work on the release of the memories of my mother in relation to my body. 

I commit myself to see, realise and understand what it means for me to have used the memories of my mother to program myself in relation to my body,  but at the same time have rebelled against these memories believing that I was immune to them.


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