Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 498 - Memories of my mother pt11

Here I continue from my previous post and also begin with the commitment statements on trust

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have defined security, limitation and severity within the memory of my father telling me to walk my path and don’t look back. 

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from security, limitation and severity by defining security, limitation and severity within the memory of my father telling me to walk my path and don’t look back, in separation of myself.

i forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to require communication signals from my interaction partner in order for me to experience myself in a comfortable manner. 

Commitment statements on trust

commit myself to stop looking to make sense of another’s action in relation to myself and respond to any and all situations from within the situation itself and stop myself from going into experiences of betrayal, knowing that this is a program I have created to not trust myself by slowing myself down to the point where I can see, realise, and understand every single memory related to this point. I commit myself further to realise all aspects of the emotional experience of betrayal and clean up all dimensions so that I can then apply myself consistently and steadily in real-world application of walking out of this program. 

I commit myself to delete and eradicate the relationship I have created between myself and the trust/distrust dynamic with others where I don’t trust others and look for hidden meaning in their actions and at the same time trust others in seeking acceptance and approval. I commit myself to stop the polarisation of this trust/distrust-dynamic and establish self-trust in walking my process and applying myself in real-life situations where I stop all relationships of self-value with my external world. 

I commit myself to be present for myself at all times by bringing my awareness back to the relationship I have with myself. 

I commit myself to stop offloading responsibility to others and take responsibility for all situations that I encounter where I apply myself 100% instead of seeking the opinion/perspectives of others as a convenient way out and take full responsibility for the decisions I make. 

I commit myself to stand one and equal to the fear of who I would be when I completely trust myself and stop worrying about what my environment would do because I realise that this worry can only exist as long as I am looking for feedback from my environment that I can use to maintain the programs of my ego

I commit myself to create a life for myself that is stable and solid because I realise that my fear of my life being boring is a thought from within my mind seeking the next energetic high, I therefore delete the belief in this thought and focus on my relationship with self until I stand entirely equal to myself. 


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