Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day 494 - Memories of my mother pt7

I commit myself to stop the belief that I require to be alone to be in a calm and relaxed state. 

I commit myself to stop all agitation when the value that I belief I give to another is not reciprocated and I stop all perception of loss within these situation and re-centre myself within the relationship of myself. 

I commit myself to stop the desire of wanting to physically separate when I am in situations where I perceive myself as not being valued because I realise that i have created a habit of suppression by removing myself from the scene. 

I commit myself to use my tendency to blame others as signal to look deeper into the situation to determine in self-honesty what part of my ego I do not want to let go off.

I commit myself release all parts of the memory with my mother where I project and enact the dynamic with her in other situations. 

I commit myself to see, realise and understand that I have created not only a habit of reaction in these types of situations but that I also allow for my energy addiction to keep going. 

I commit myself to change myself in relation to this point and stop abusing my body by allowing for energy to resource my flesh.


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