Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day 480 - Motivation and self-will pt10

Here I continue from the previous post and finalise the commitment statements on the backchat dimension. 

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When and as I allow voices of enthusiasm and/or voices of boredom to comment on my activities, i stop and breathe, I take each activity and speak self-forgiveness in the moment to release the relationship that I have created by classifying the activity as either pleasant or boring. I commit myself to sever all judgements from my activities and merely move myself from self-will.

When and as I believe that the voices in my head are stronger then my will to direct myself in physical reality, I stop and breathe, i realise that energy is by far inferior to the physical and so I refocus myself in the physical and commit myself to push through my perceived limitations. 

When and as I am at the starting point of an activity, I focus my attention on my starting point and ensure that my awareness is rooted in physical reality. I commit myself to accumulate my foci in physical reality in all activities.

When and as I believe the negative feedback in my mind about what I am doing, I stop myself and breathe, I stick with my decision and continue with my task. I commit myself to not allow the negative voices in my head to make a decision for me whether I stop or continue my task. 


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