Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day 479 - Motivation and self-will pt9

I continue this series which started with these posts:
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then moved on to the backchat dimension:

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which I am finalising (part 1) with commitments:

When and as I am looking to my mind to get stimulated to move myself, I stop and breathe, I do not allow my awareness to 'buy' into acting as the preprogrammed life-form, I instead move myself by first letting the voices roll over me and then looking at the situation in common sense to see what is the best way forward. I commit myself to slow down in situations when I believe that I require the promising enticements of my mind and consider the situation in common sense by asking "what is the best use of my time in this moment?". 

When and as I respond to the mental negative feedback, the voices in my head who judge and have an opinion about my activities in the world, I stop and breathe, I realise that I have a choice to either direct my awareness or to be a believer. I commit myself to make a decision each time to actively direct my awareness and focus myself on the task itself. I realise that this IS a crucial point because in the moment where I just go with it, I am trapped in believing the voice because my default, which is a passive relationship with my backchat, is accepting the backchat as me.  

When and as I listen to the voice in my head where I reason with myself about the (specific) benefits I can reap from doing a certain thing, and thus create a horizon of expectations through judgements, desire and hope - and with this approach create a level of motivation that enables me to do the thing that I am reasoning about, I stop and breathe, I give myself permission to break the cycle by realising that the starting point is in my mind and that the reasons cannot be reliable because my mind is functioning based on memory. I commit myself to end all temptations to listen to my mind - I stand equal to it. 

When and as I am engaged in a particular activity, and I find myself listening to the voices in my head arguing about doing the activity where I end up believing one or the other, I stop myself and breathe, I realise the problem lies with my planning, if the voices have any impact on how I go about my day. I commit myself to develop my planning so that all feedback about my scheduled activities comes from physical reality and I choose to rely on actually doing the thing and then evaluating the effectiveness, therefore mitigating any argumentation coming from my head. 

to be continued


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