Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 414 - Commitments to stop the idea of Death pt1

Here I am stating the commitments in relation to the posts that I have written on relating to death - days 410, 411, 412, and 413.

If and when I want to use my fear of death and/or the fact that I will die as a motivator to become LIFE, I stop and breathe and realise that I act from within the polarity of the mindconsiousness system, and stand up from within myself to stop the polarity and the belief that I require the thought/idea of death to motivate myself, to walk my self-realisation process.

I commit myself to stop thoughts that re-affirm polarity, which is exemplified by drawing motivational energies from the life-death polarity.

If and when I respond to the fear of death and/or the fact of death that I live my life in caution, I realise that the idea of “caution” is coming from the starting point of limitation and that living in relation to self-realisation takes place from the starting point of common sense.

I commit myself thus, to live my life from the starting point of common sense and access common sense by being here in every breath.

If and when I use death as threat to myself, to render myself aware of my situation and the acceptances and allowances I incorporate in my life, I stop myself and return to breath. I see, realise and understand the pattern of using death as a "parental force" - in the same way I perceived my parents’ judgement about my behaviour as threat, which I responded to by changing my behaviour because I feared punishment.

I commit myself to stand equal to death in every way.

If and when I react to pictures of death with a feeling of loss and regret with intense emotions, to grasp the finality of death, I stop and breathe and realise that these feelings are part of the “motivator” package that I have equated death with, and I let go of it.

I commit myself detect and stop all ways in how I use death to generate energy to motivate myself.


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