Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 409 - My belief about Death pt2

Image: Rozelle De Lange

Here are the commitment statements for the previous post

If and when I seek the comfort of my belief about death where I reference to myself only a part of my genetic heritage to keep the illusion intact, I make myself aware of this point, I breathe and let go of the belief because I realise that this is the fear I have accepted as me that I use to construct myself as the illusion of thought. Within this point I see that my mind is holding onto the illusion because death of the physical means death of my mind which is unacceptable to the mind, I realise that I am not my mind only if I believe to be my mind. I commit myself to stop the belief that I will reach a old age and bring my awareness of who I am in every breath here to replace my belief about death.

If and when I allow myself to believe that I can go through a backdoor within a point because I have a thought that I still have enough time to "make" process as I am allowing the belief that I will reach old age to interfere with walking my process in full determination without backdoors, I stop myself by making myself aware that I am holding on to this belief which I use as justification to give myself permission to accept my mind - and I let this belief go and walk my process in total self-will. I commit myself to stop and close all backdoors which I leave open by holding on to the belief that I will die of old age.

If and when I hold on to the belief that I will die of old age I stop myself and let go through breathing, I realise that this belief exists within the polarisation of good/positive/right and bad/negative/wrong and I stop myself from defining myself within these poles and step beyond the self-definitions and exist here in breath. I commit myself to move myself out of the self-defintions in breath.

If and when I have a fear come up about death and what comes after death, which is unknown to me, I stop myself from thinking about death because the thoughts I create are fearing the unknown and so I release all thoughts and bring myself back here equal and one to my breath. I commit myself to stop the act of thinking and I won't stop until I am done.


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