Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 407 - The slippery slope of making a decision - I commit to self-change

Right, so, in my previous post I talked about how I demonstrated to myself the absolute requirement to be here in breath, to see the incidences of how I manipulate and sabotage myself. Thus,here are the self-commitment statements.

If and when I am planning my day or when I am getting ready to go travelling, which I will be doing in the future, I first slow myself down, I do not allow myself to get ready while multitasking, I make time for packing my bag and I make concrete decisions based on common sense. If am in a situation where I don't know any details, I first inform myself sufficiently so that I can create a map of what I need based on what I found out. I check myself that I am not reacting from fear or "time greed" instead I remain practical and consider all perspectives, including myphysical body.

I commit myself to awareness when I am preparing myself to travel/go/move from one place to another.

If and when I fear losing time, or not using my time in the most efficient manner, I stop and breathe, I realise that speeding up is always a mind-game, which only I can stop. I give myself permission to just exist and look out the window and not consider existing without activity as a waste of my time.

I commit myself to see, realise and understand that time is a mental construct and that I must stop my relationship to time from the point of my imagination, and remain here in breath. I commit myself to make timeline my breath - each breath, a moment in time.


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