Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 392 - The great wall of ego pt2

In this post I am stating my self-correction on the self-forgiveness that I wrote a few posts back on "the great wall of ego"

If and when I allow myself to expect others, especially those who I have 'tagged' as important to my world, to give to me what I would like to receive within my interactions with them, I stop and breathe, I realise that I have accepted the reversal of "give as you would like to receive" which is "receive as you would like to give" - I simply stop and breathe, I de-personalise my interactions by stopping all memories I have created with the persons and commit myself to interact from the starting point to give as I would like to receive, I do not allow myself to listen to what comes up in my mind.

If and when I trap myself to care how others present themselves to me, I stop and breathe, I realise when I do so that my starting point for the interaction is located outside of me, where I have become reactive instead of self-directive. I stop and breathe, I commit myself to, in this moment, hold myself still, breathe, adjust my physical body and then relocated my starting point inside of me and direct myself in breath.

If and when I experience myself with resistance during my interaction with others, i stop and breathe, I realise that in those moments I utilise my mind and become reactive in my responses. If I cannot let go of the resistance in the moment, and I move myself away from others and find a quiet spot to speak self-forgiveness. This is a temporary measure until I can stop myself in the moment. I commit myself to only use this approach in the moments where I cannot stop myself at all and spiral into reactive patterns.

If and when I accept righteousness and judgements to direct my interactions, I stop myself and breathe, I realise that stepping out of these patterns is done through developing humility. I commit myself to redefine the word humility and live the redefinition. 


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