Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 373 - Paranoia: shaping children through manners and social etiquette pt3

The topic of this post was started on day 371. In this post I am writing the commitment statements. 

I commit myself to change myself to see, realise and understand that I, as the system, have created this world through brainwashing children in the same way I have been brainwashed and have refused to take responsibility when I realised ‘what’ I/we are all doing - so now I stop by changing myself through walking my process and by developing a new world system that supports children to become all they can be in the highest potential of what is best for all. 

I commit myself to stop this system from recreating itself by stopping my participation in my thoughts and thus my behaviour because I realise I, as an adult, am the role model for children and that unless I am taking actual steps to change myself, I will re-enact the pattern of behaviour which have support the whole program of manners and etiquette. 

I commit myself to stop looking at children as lesser or inferior than me - in any way - and realise and understand what I need to do to become equal and one with children: wherein I understand that children are no one’s "property" so that, for example, if and when I engage with children I stop all fears of the parents or the system, which are related to the belief that children are someone’s property and that in my interaction I have to take into account that how I interact with the child might not be accepted by the parent.

I commit myself to stop my manipulation in how I manipulate the world around me to satisfy myself interest because that is what I do with children, and sabotage them into accepting the world as is, just like I have been sabotaged into my self-limitations and thus I realise the gift that children present by asking questions and triggering our acceptances and respond to this gift by investigating who I am and stopping all patterns that are raised within this. 

I commit myself to support children by guiding them on the principle of equality and what is best for all, and within that I create gentleness and reflection to ensure that I am catching all patterns that I have accepted as valid in teaching and I do so by incorporating the child as equal in the process of guidance.

I commit myself to communicate with children from my body where all bodily functions are one and equal as I walk my process where I move myself from the mind to the body as operative imperative through which I express myself in self-expression and by doing so I become the role model of equality for children.

I commit myself to communicate with children through living words - in that I talk with children as self-expression - as I learn to stand as equal to all life.


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