Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 368 - Requirements for life on earth: land for all pt2

I continue with self-corrective statements from the previous posts where I took a look at the Equal Right to Land for all as stated by the ELF.

Self-corrective statements:

If and when I/we consider the use of land and I/we justify ownership and property,  I/we stop and breathe, I/we realise that unless I/we stop all fear of survival so that all land becomes equally available to all, the Equal Land Right cannot be enforced and thus all ownership of land must eventually be abolished. 
I/we commit myself/ourselves to stop holding on to the idea of land ownership and welcome the change of making all land available to all equally. 

If and when I/we look to answer the world's problems through recycling or sustainable methods, I/we stop and breathe, I/we realise that this is just another approach to patch up a faulty system that does not alleviate the problems because the problems lie within the system itself and thus I/we apply myself towards the creation of an Equal Money System which allows for a complete transformation, including land use and resource distribution.
I/we commit myself to change myself/ourselves to bring about an Equal Money System so that I/we can heal myself/ourselves and the planet. 

If and when I/we support architecture as this limited, presentation-oriented activity that caters only to the gratification/glorification of humans, I/we stop and breathe, I/we realise that all ignorance has to stop, and architecture has to be re-created from the perspective of a complete system in which all life forms are actively and equally sustained.
I/we commit myself to stop all points of status/ego and become life itself.

If and when I get ‘city high’ I stop and breathe, I realise that cities are an artificial construction creating pools of stress and frustration and thus they are energetic experiences we accept to be valid and do not recognised that cities are constructed because they 'built' on the fear of survival and ego 'fixes' through entertainment and culture. 
I/we commit myself/ourselves to investigate my/our relationship to cities in depth and release all fascination, superiority, and beliefs in and as culture. 


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