Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 364 - Requirements for life on earth: Shelter for the physical body pt2

In this post I continue to explore with self-forgiveness my default "thinking" (beliefs, opinions, judgements) about the HUMAN RIGHTS as stated by the Equal Life Foundation, specifically the 4th Human Right of Equal Housing.

Here, I follow up with self-corrective statements from the previous post.

If and when I believe that the financial system is justified because I cannot see how I can have the right to Equal Housing as stated in the 4th Human Right by the ELF, because I have measured myself all of my life according to how well I perform in the system, and have believed that I should be living in the type of housing that corresponds to this performance, I stop and breathe,
I realise that I have equated my self-value to the value of what/how/where I can perform work for the system, and in doing so have completely ignored that I am in the first place a living being and that my value as such is intrinsic to life and cannot be adjusted or adapted to represent the value of anything else, such as an externalised thing, object or material.

Therefore I commit myself to live the solution by making housing not a matter of 'deserving to be housed' by instantiating it as a right for me as life to take care of myself as I do take care of everyone else by ensuring that everyone has the same right for equal housing.

If and when I have accepted that housing is about the status I have in society by judging myself and others based on the housing they can afford, I stop and breathe. I realise that I have conditioned myself to create a system that exploits all living things to the maximum degree without any further consideration of the consequences which always lead to the abuse of life. 

I commit myself to investigate all points that are the consequence of abuse of life and apply myself to change myself, stopping all reactions, so that I can see the common sense in how to change     each point from abuse to what is best for all.

If and when I look at the relationships between real estate/property/housing, privacy and influence and i still accept within me the idea/desire/attachment of property, i stop and breathe, I forgive myself and recreate relationships of equality between material resources and housing, where the concepts of individual ownership and privacy cannot exist as they are not aligned with what is here, namely that all resources are freely given to all - 

I therefore commit myself to clean up my accepted relationships between material resources and housing to stand equal and one to the third human - the Right of Equal Housing for all.

If and when I accept within myself and others the abuse of the fundamental need to shelter the human body, I stop and breathe, I realise that I accept this point of separation by allowing the idea of a luxury life style to exist as a point of consumption and not a point of equal necessity where each individual is granted the equal right of housing that ensures maximal physical comfort as it is viable in respect to the use of resources that care for, maintain and improve the eco systems as provision of these resources. 

I commit myself to stop all separation and give to others the same physical comfort I want for myself.


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