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Day 359 - Requirements for life on earth: Righting the physical body pt2

In this post I continue with the Self-Corrective Statements in regards to the 2nd Human Right, the Right of Equal Health, which I walked in my previous post in Self-forgiveness and which has been put forth by the Equal Life Foundation (ELF) as a manifesto, the Bill of Rights. 

How many of us are aware of the content of the bill of human rights in detail - especially in Europe- as they are stated by the UN, where to find the collection of human rights (if you could not search on the internet) and what their history is composed of? It's quite a demonstration in how we show to ourselves that we are totally clueless about how this world functions, yet we are the members of this 'world' arrangement that keeps it running the way it does. But as long as we have food we can put into our mouth, clothes to wear, a house to live in, and technological toys to play with we see no reason to understand what we are part of. This is what we call intelligence, that we can perform to the tune of the hand that feeds us (earning a living) and the rest can go to hell. We rather spend out time shopping or exerting our emotions about being right when someone else is wrong... how can we miss questions within ourselves that ask for an understanding of the bigger picture... 

How have I spent all these years laden with questions about the bigger picture yet have satisfied myself with trivialities, so that these important question faded into the background and the older I got the less important they were because I fixated myself increasingly on beliefs? The truth is that I did not want to see how self-interest had blinded and stupefied me into accepting a world of abuse within me and without me, instead of standing up and creating a world of LIFE.

Self-corrective Statements on the 2nd Human Right, the Right to Equal Health.

If and when I do not realise that health is a central aspect of human life and needs to be protected not from the point of fear (e.g. in reaction to business that are engaging in unhealthy and destructive food production etc) but from the point of understanding, I stop and breathe, I realise that at the moment our understanding of why we need to be healthy is very limited and hinges mainly on preserving a presentable picture of ourselves to the world and ability to use our bodies as tools to perform money-making activities - we fail to preserve health as an equal right for all because we have not grasped that the physical body is the main component of life for us, and that health is not a static element but one that needs to be created and maintained through the web of actions we perform in the world to create and consume, each action touching the physical nature of what and how we are in this world. 

I commit myself to see, realise and understand the centralised position of embodiment in a human's life, in any earth life, and the resulting necessity to create equality in all mental activities in order to adhere to the physical world/body as first principle of life which is in and of itself equal - and is righted in the Equal Health Right as stated by the ELF.

If and when I fail to see that the development of intellect is not the "genetic luck of the draw" but is a based on the nurture principle which begins with a healthy embodiment I stop and breathe, I realise that unless we take care of each individual child that enters our collective world, the world on the whole is never going to amount to a peaceful and satisfactory experience for all unless each child thrives with/in life and thus wants to preserve life once it has grown into an adult because it has the lived experiences of health and has internalised the value of embodiment/life as primary to the development of a sound and stable intellect. 

I commit myself to see, realise and understand that unless healthy embodiment is guaranteed for all equally as in the Equal Health Right, we can never expect to create a future where peace, stability and harmony reigns because the value of embodiment will not be recognised and human life, as any life form, continues to be seen as expendable.

If and when I believe that nature/the physical is separate from the mind and that this is exemplified in education where our first concern is for each individual to read, write and count, I stop and breathe, and realise that our first responsibility is not the mental development because a guaranteed maximised embodiment is needed first so that we can proceed with the mental development and thus unless we care about "literacy" of embodiment by declaring it a human right, we cannot learn to unify embodiment with the mind. 

I commit myself to see, realise and understand that the underlying causes for this fragmented and separated world that I have accepted and allowed to exist within myself and within the collective is the neglect of recognising that life is embodiment and that to unify ourselves we need to reverse the roles of embodiment and mind in every way. 

If and when I fail to recognise that emotions are a complex mechanism that cannot be managed through the mind alone, I stop and breathe, I realise that when an individual lives in stability fluctuating emotions are absent and that a healthy embodiment is the basis for this stability and that all dealings in this physical world contribute to an unstable or stable situation within and between individuals. I realise that a point of stability has be guaranteed through guaranteeing a healthy embodiment as it is stated in the Equal Health Right as all problems with health are simply a neglect of paying attention to the body or instantiating preventive measures by providing the body with what it needs - for all bodies equally, so that all can reach emotional stability which ends the ramifications of an neglected embodiment as we are currently experiencing through conflict, physical abuse, and survival crimes. 

I commit myself to see, realise and understand that a stable world starts with a health embodiment by all which can be guaranteed within the Right to Equal Health. 


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