Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 358 - Requirements for life on earth: Righting the physical body pt1

In this post I am continuing with the series of walking each human right as stated by the Equal Life Foundation (ELF) because I realise that I have never in my life cared about laying the foundation for a better world by a) changing myself in practical ways and b) work on creating a set of rights that can be applied to all life on earth, starting with the human who is at the centre of creating this world by which all life forms are influenced and affected. 

I have, like the system itself, only ever dealt with the symptoms of the world that we have collectively created, by going to protests, signing petitions, and orientating myself towards green and sustainable environmental concepts. Since I have realised that it’s not the external world that must change first, but I myself in how, what, where and why I go about wanting to create a “better” world - not even understanding what it entails to create a better world and to clarify all misconceptions and pre-programmed relationships that I have internalised I am now walking the 2nd statement in the Bill of Rights by the ELF.

2. An Equal Health Right that provides all essentials to building strong physical embodiments, insuring vitality and well-being along with clarity of intellect, emotional balance and physical stability.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be brainwashed by the idea that health is something that should naturally be in my life because when i look at the media around me, especially at advertisements, I see only healthy looking people and thus I have never considered that a healthy life and strong embodiment is something that has to be build with a number of essential ingredients, that are not available to all in this world, and that have to be anchored in an Equal Health Right so that these necessary ingredients are secured and guaranteed for everyone equally.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that there is no connection between strong embodiment and the intellect as I believe that some people just have more intellect than others due to their genetic make-up and their fortunate family situation where parents provided a nourishing home environment, and where those who did not have that kind of set up where unfortunate and had to work harder to get there, but because we have privatised the development of a person’s intellect to be something of a parents’ right, I never once considered that a sound development can be guaranteed through an Equal Health Right for all, because I have accepted that children belong to their parents. 
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have placed the mental development of a human as first order, as the most important part of development, and the physical development as secondary to that or as “naturally developing” anyway, where no human influence was needed or necessary - unlike having to learn to read, write and count - and therefore have not realised that we have any responsibility in the quality of a person’s physical development to ensure that a sound mental development can take place, which is what is made relevant and guaranteed in the Equal Health Right.  
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have not realised that emotional balance is achieved through the stability of the physical body which requires proper development that can be guaranteed through an Equal Health Right, because I have believed that emotions take place in the mind, through the mind, and that the body is merely the carrier of the mind having little or no role in how emotional the person is, how stable or unstable, because I have believed that if and when someone is overly emotional, it is the person's weakness of not having learned how to control his or her emotions, which is conventionally remedied through therapeutic approaches. 


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