Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 357 - Requirements for life on earth: human rights pt2

In this series of blog posts I am walking through each human right as proposed by the Equal Life Foundation in a manifesto, the Bill of Rights. In doing so I clear myself of a history of ignorance, because I have always demanded to have rights in this world, yet I have not seen the necessity of participating in any way to create, verify and ensure that these rights that I want for myself are equally available for all.

I have come to realise that the world is the way it is because I have not acknowledged my participation in the system as I have dwelled in victimisation by accepting and allowing the injustices, inequalities and abuses within myself as well as in the general trajectory of humanity through politics and finances. This acceptance of a collective focus on self-interest which grants each individual the imagination to dream up their ideal life and spend a life time in pursuit of it is a detrimental fact: We have not realised that this is the very foundation that drives greed and corruption because if all are concerned with their own welfare ALONE, it requires ignoring all else and moreover, making sure that others do not rise to where they can pursue a "dream" life of their own. 

In this dilemma, we have not been able to understand that to pursue life in this manner is a choice and that nothing stops us from creating an individual focus of welfare as well as a collective one, in form of creating a world that is best for all using the principle of equality. 

Self-corrective statements on the first human right:

1. An Equal Economic Right that insures that all financial needs are accessible and available to ensure that the fundamental requirements of a healthy and fulfilling life can be realized and manifested.

If and when I become complacent with the system and fall back into victimisation because I am programmed through politics and religion to accept and rely upon some force, concept, and/or leadership, who is greater than me, and thus believe that I have no hand in creating and ensuring that all in this world can reach an equal level of health and fulfilment, I stop and breathe, 
I realise that I have allowed myself to be brainwashed by the system I don't remember creating for myself and others, and only through deliberate, steady and repeated investigation into my behaviour, thoughts and emotional make-up I can re-create myself as an individual that cares from a point of understanding and active participation to transform the current system into a system that ensures the human right stated above. 

I commit myself to ensure that every day I participate in re-creating myself, by becoming aware of how I created myself and this world, and apply myself to actively changing so that I grant myself and others a future of equal economic rights.  

If and when I operate my life from the starting point of greed or fear, where I only consider myself only and not consider the consequences of my actions by not standing still for a moment and breathe, so that I can engage with deliberation in moving myself through time and space but instead rely on my automation, I stop and breathe, I realise that as long as I operate from default, I am trapped and cannot change what I have created. 

I commit myself to see, realise and understand that unbound consequences arise from automation and therefore I stop my automated movement and move myself in awareness because I see, realise and understand that with my actions I guarantee that all will be able to live a life of equal economic rights. 

If and when I utilise money and I limit myself through money by creating attachment to what money can buy now or in the future, I stop and breathe, I realise that unless I am free of all emotional strings/relationships attached to money, I will not be able to see how money can be shared, used and distributed equally in all ways, which is what I must first live for myself to be able to create a world that is based on equal economic rights for all. 

I commit myself to create a relationship towards/of/as money that is free of any and all emotions and feelings, and where I use common sense in all my financial dealings. 

If and when I believe that health care, or a healthy life is a right that I take for granted, I stop and breathe, I realise that health care/healthy living is an accumulated effect which entails the best health care, but moreover preventive actions by providing the best methods of food production that do not abuse the resources, but also the best working conditions and education teaching the principle of equal sharing and caring - in short I realise that health is accumulative in/as the system and therefore take responsibility for making sure that my efforts of self-change are accumulative so that I can stand as the living example.

I commit myself to steadily accumulate myself as the living proof of the principle of equality so that I see, realise and understand what is meant by "healthy and fulfilling life" as stated in the first human right by the ELF. 

If and when I play human rights down because I have never learned how to care for others, I stop and breathe, I realise that unless I take steps that ensure in absolute ways that all are protected equally there is no guarantee that we accumulate into a critical mass that changes the system from inequality to equality and maintain equality for generations to come. 

I commit myself to apply myself in creating a framework through purified words and deeds that will ensure that an equal economic right for all becomes a guarantee. 


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