Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 355 - Negativity drives my life pt16

In this post I continue the series that I started on day 337, where I give background to the problem that I am addressing with self-forgiveness and self-corrective statements.

Summary of the problem:

We all default into negativity. We are unable to see that our lives are a single pursuit from the negative to the positive, in how we want to experience ourselves. We achieve this in all kinds of ways, not at least through education and consumerism. Negativity makes us untrustworthy creatures that abuse life and the living by virtually ignoring what goes on around us as long as we can escape from it and experience ourselves positively - and for that no price is too high. How do we change that? Through self-honesty and self-investigation.

The consequence dimension - The reward for self

If and when I accept the desire for a positive experience as me, I stop and breathe, I realise that I gave up my power to determine my actions and that I can take my power back, built awareness of what and when I desire, in all ways of how I interact with the world, and stop each point until I stand free, here, equal and one. 

I commit myself to walk self-forgiveness for each desire point and become aware of how I have automated my life so that I no longer see how I trap myself and everyone else in the pursuit of positivity.

If and when pursue the positive "relief" state where I allow myself to focus my perspective on the world with absolute precision so that it serves only me, I stop and breathe, I realise that in order to understand what I have created I need to broaden my horizon so that I can see the “damage” and develop solutions in form of self-forgiveness, self-corrective action as well as the implementation of a world system that is best for all. 

I commit myself learn to be here in every moment of breath, in full self-awareness so that I can understand how I have created myself and the world and bring about solutions that reverse the effects of the collective pursuit of self-interest by each individual causing fragmentation of the world in every way. 

If and when I want to justify my self-interest because everyone else is doing it as well, I stop and breathe, I realise that unless i take responsibility for myself and stop looking and pointing at others for change, I will continue trapping myself and everyone else in accepting the world as it is. 

I commit myself to stop orienting myself by looking at others and assess all situations by myself from the starting point of self-investigation to understand my motivation so that I can release all emotions and feelings tied to my (re)actions and direct myself from common sense, implementing solutions that are best for all. 

If and when I am in a situation where I must compete to take part in the world so that I can cover my basic needs, I stop and breathe, I realise that I can enter a competition because this is the accepted way until we change the system and stand equal to the task/objective of the competition without accepting myself to generate energetic charges. 

I commit myself stop separating myself from the activities in the world by standing one and equal to every activity, not accepting energy to direct me but to direct myself from the physical, breathing reality that I am. 

If and when I react with energy to money because I have feelings and emotions towards money i stop and breathe, I realise that it is one of the tasks for me to reverse all relationships with money, to stop the separation and to use common sense when handling money in my life so that I can stand equal to money and bring about a financial system that utilises money in the way that it supports all ecosystems equally. 

I commit myself to stop my fear of survival, loss and death, and stand equal to money and the act of making money so that I am in the position to contribute to the building of the equal money system. 

If and when I get wrapped up in my little world and stop looking at the bigger picture of any situation I stop and breathe, I realise that when I stop relating my desires to my emotions/feelings I can take a broader perspective of any situation and am able to make decisions motivated by common sense. 

I commit myself to end within me the relationships between desires and emotions/feelings. 


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