Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 347 - Negativity drives my life pt8

In this post I continue the series that I started on day 337, where I give background to the problem that I am addressing with self-forgiveness and self-corrective statements.

Summary of the problem:

We all default into negativity. We are unable to see that our lives are a single pursuit from the negative to the positive, in how we want to experience ourselves. We achieve this in all kinds of ways, not at least through education and consumerism. Negativity makes us untrustworthy creatures that abuse life and the living by virtually ignoring what goes on around us as long as we can escape from it and experience ourselves positively - and for that no price is too high. How do we change that? Through self-honesty and self-investigation.

The imagination dimension - The reward for self

If and when I want to believe that a situation is 'under control' when I am in control about every detail, I stop and breathe, I realise that I am driven by self-interest and that that places me in competition with all where I am unable to see another's perspective and the long term consequences I create for myself and others.

I commit myself to stop the idea that I am in control about the external world and turn inward to stop my mind.

If and when I hang out in my imagination and who I would be once I leave all negativity behind, I stop and breathe and realise that this is merely my mind wanting to indulge in my imagination so that I don't get up and do the work of changing myself in every breath.
I commit myself to stop my imagination entirely until I have mastered my thoughts.

If and when I reason with myself to stay away from others I stop and breathe, I realise that the reverse is true, and that i must stop all separation by stopping to focus on the difference between myself and others and embracing the commonalities.
I commit myself to stop all participation in separating acts, to separate myself from others.

If and when I imagine that things will be alright for me in the future, I realise that this is me wanting to hold onto the mechanisms of producing energetic charges. I stop and breathe, I commit myself to stop myself as a thought machine for energy production.

If and when I don't want to experience myself as unfulfilled and unsatisfied, I stop and breathe, and realise that this is the starting point for the next energy fix. I commit myself to stop judging my state of being through my emotions.

If and when I believe that I am bored when I no longer engage in the energy cycle (negative-positive-negative), I stop and breathe I realise that this is my mind fearing loss. I commit myself to not judge what I am going to be experiencing when I step out of the energy cycle (negative-positive-negative).


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