Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 343 - Negativity drives my life pt6

In this post I continue the series that I started on day 337, where I give background to the problem that I am addressing with self-forgiveness and self-corrective statements.

Summary of the problem:

We all default into negativity. We are unable to see that our lives are a single pursuit from the negative to the positive, in how we want to experience ourselves. We achieve this in all kinds of ways, not at least through education and consumerism. Negativity makes us untrustworthy creatures that abuse life and the living by virtually ignoring what goes on around us as long as we can escape from it and experience ourselves positively - and for that no price is too high. How do we change that? Through self-honesty and self-investigation.

The thought dimension - The reward for self

If and when I use and justify negativity as a way to ensure my future and to compensate that I cannot know how my life will evolve - I stop and breathe,
I realise that through self-honesty, I can actually know how my life evolves because I can look at the consequences that result from my actions and where they will take me. Since physical reality is accumulative I can trace back the what and how, and realise that the negative default state serves only to create more consequence.

I commit myself to stop negativity and use self-honesty to move myself into stability, now and in the future.

If and when I engage with the picture of the world and produce thoughts of negativity where I home in on every scene that floats by my eyes, on what I desire or on what is missing from my life, I stop and breathe,
I realise that I am responsible for creating the thoughts as triggers from which backchat, reaction, and action cascade, all steeped in negativity and separation.
I commit myself to slow myself down to stop the triggers of negativity.

If and when I do not want to see all of the relationships that negativity creates, I stop and breathe, I give myself permission to investigate, see, realise, and understand all dimensions of negativity.
I commit myself to investigate negativity in detail and release all relationships that I have created on the basis of negativity.

If and when I use fear to hold on to my negative thoughts, I stop and breathe, I realise that I am in charge at all times in how I have automated my life.

I commit myself to stop my automated patterns of thinking and acting - within, from and towards negativity.

If and when I believe that it is legitimate to define myself as "problem-solver", I stop and breathe, I realise that labelling myself as "problem-solver" is to acknowledge that the starting point of the human is within negativity, lack and scarcity, but that the true nature of humans lies beyond the polarisation and is anchored in the ability to respond.

I commit myself to replace my negative default with my 'ability to respond' in common sense.

If and when I believe that negativity and all my automated thought and behaviour patterns are too solidified to be changed, I stop and breathe, I realise that my will can tackle any pattern I want to change as long as I take responsibility and apply myself in self-honesty and walk the correction accordingly.

I commit myself to stop letting negativity guide into beliefs of defeat, inability, and/or giving up.


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