Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 309 - Remembering Numbers Versus Names pt8

In this post, I lay out the REWARD - by making a commitment to set myself free from this program regarding the recall of names and numbers.

If and when I encounter a name of something or someone - that I am in need to remember,

I stop and breathe

I realise that I have in the past used this moment to blank out so that I am unable to retain the name.

I commit myself to stop blanking out and bring myself here when learning a new name or remembering one I have already learned.

If and when I cannot remember a name but find myself in a situation where I have to recall a name,
I stop and breathe,

I then realise that I am still following my programming, and I patiently keep pushing myself through the resistances using my breath.

I commit myself to not give in or up on this point until it's done.

If and when I am can't remember a name but would like to or have to and have backchat come up,
I stop and breathe,

I realise that I can just breathe through the backchat and not engage in it until it fades away.

I commit myself to stop all backchat by applying myself consistently  - in remaining uninvolved with my thoughts.

If and when I cannot remember names and I feel embarrassed for this,
I stop and breathe,

I realise that I must accept that this is how I have programmed myself and that I can change this program by taking responsibility.

I commit myself to take responsibility for changing how I have programmed myself so that I can function from the starting point of what is best for all.

If and when I recall numbers and react energetically,
I stop and breathe,

and realise that I have programmed myself in this way, and that I can recall numbers without the energetic charge.

I commit myself to stop all energetic charges involved in recalling numbers.

If and when I must recall numbers,

I stop and breathe

and realise that feeling superior because I can recall numbers well is a delusional state.

I commit myself to stop myself from being delusional. be continued. 


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