Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 296 - The One-Day Depression Pattern pt 2

This post is a continuation from my previous post. Here I am detailing the self-commitment statements.


When I walk the self-correction of this pattern -

I commit myself to actively work towards ending this pattern by first of all focus on breathing when the thoughts come up.

I commit myself to write you what happened in the morning of that day, the same day, right after waking up so that I can investigate the trigger to this pattern.

I commit myself to finding the trigger of this pattern and stop it.

I commit myself to cease the opportunity for self-change as it is evident that this pattern surfaces because I have a significant opportunity to stop a programmed behaviour.

I commit myself to push myself past my accepted limitation when the pattern surfaces and I believe that I cannot stop.

I commit myself to show myself that I care of myself and stop abusing myself with the one-day pattern of depression that I accept as being me.

I commit myself to arrange myself in such a way that I am able to take time out for writing when needed.

I commit myself to pay attention to how feel in my body to identify any movement of pain or feeling unwell and stop suppressing my physical self.

I commit myself to end this pattern and not give up. 


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