Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 294 - Correcting my starting point of asking the public questions - self-commitment statements

In this post I am walking the correction through self-commitment statements whenever I am going to posit a question to the public.

The reward:

Once I walk the self-commitment statements I am able to stand and speak as equal to the situation.

If and when I am writing out a question for a social network public to answer, I first clear myself of any hidden agendas.

I commit myself to contribute questions online from a self-honest starting point.

I realise that I not only in my questions but on other occasions as well still act from the starting point of manipulation where I want to convince others that an equal money system is the onlysolution for a new starting point towards a system of equality. While I realise in awareness that this is not supportive, it's an automated mechanism of my ego that I allow to exist and participate in.

If and when I am in the position where I could speak about equal money, I stop myself from going down an automated path and listen to what the other person has to say, and within that I look to contribute to the person's view by giving a suitable perspective on equality.

I commit myself to participate with others from the starting point of wanting to share equality in principle and stop all ego-related manipulations.

I commit myself to take this point back to self and stop my ego from manipulating my self and others.

If and when I sense resistance to speaking from the place of self-honesty, i stop myself and breathe and stop myself mid-sentence, clear myself and continue speaking.

I commit myself to stop myself at any moment when I realise that I am speaking from ego and not as equal.


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