Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 291 - Forcing Opportunities pt 4

This post continues from the last one where I forgive myself about creating compulsive behaviour when I see an opportunity that could advance me in life. Here I am following up with self-commitment statements.

If and when I see an opportunity for myself, I slow myself down and first establish myself as equal to the opportunity before I do anything in pursuit of the opportunity.

I commit myself to direct myself in taking advantage of an opportunity and stop myself from reacting automatically.

If and when I want to have an opportunity for myself, I realise that I as the self-directive principle can create my own opportunities and do not need to wait for an opportunity to come along - and thus I stop operating from hope and belief.

I commit myself to stop myself from understanding opportunity as a random act of luck or incidental occurrence and within that I am rendering myself powerless, like a leaf in the wind - instead I commit myself to realise that I am creating myself and therefore every breath, every act towards this recreation is an opportunity for me to shape existing from the starting point of equality.

If and when I reach a moment where I see an opportunity and I ignite passion and desire I slow myself down through breathing, and realise that the only real moment of opportunity is here in this moment where I can stop my preprogrammed behaviour.

I commit myself to stop myself from being triggered by my desires when I see an opportunity for myself.


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