Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 287 - Facial Feedback Loops pt 5

In this post I add the self-commitment statements and round up the solution with the reward for having walked this point.

To summerise, the problem that was faced is the self-programming from childhood in response to being told not to speak. I have therefore programmed myself to fear speaking about myself to others, specifically if believe the other person is in some advantaged position that holds power over me. This is mostly related to money and survival, therefore the problem surfaces mostly in a work context.

If and when I am confronted with my fear of speaking, i ground myself and breathe. I commit myself to stop my fears of speaking through having now realised that I no longer have to hold on to my childhood memories and that through self-forgiveness I free myself from being bound to the memory.

If and when I have the opportunity to participate with others where I have to speak in a group setting, I commit myself to push myself to participate in situations where I need to speak about myself to people in my professional circuit and continue to do so and not give into resistances or excuses that prevent me from doing it.

If and when I participate in situations where I have to speak in a group setting, I commit myself to stop the backchat that I have created about the fears of anticipating to speak, when I am in situations where I fear speaking.

If and when I get to the point where I just want to stop this program, I commit myself to breathe and stop myself from going into my imagination where I let my desire to be able to speak in an uninhibited manner take over and create an alternative reality about my capabilities.

If and when I project myself into situation where I think it is going to be better, I commit myself to stop creating expectations about how I have improved with speaking to others and stop all judgement on the point in every way.

If and when I experience the physical sensation of having to speak to others in a group setting I commit myself to stop being possessed by my childhood memories.

I commit myself to stop being ashamed of my programming where I have trapped myself in fear of not being able to speak to others.

I commit myself to use my breath, to walk this point until it's done. 


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