Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 277 - Coughing and emoting - commitment statements

Here are the self-commitment statements from my last post.

I commit myself to stop myself from letting my emotional distress take over, which then manifests as cough.

I commit myself to stop myself from believing my thoughts about stress and feeling trapped, and to breathe immediately if and when I am getting close to emotional distress, especially when I believe I need to reflect on my situation - instead I write out what I want to reflect upon, to prevent myself from going into my mind.

I commit myself to contemplate my situation only in writing and stop all random thoughts.

I commit myself to monitor my breathing, so that I become aware when my breathing pattern changes.

I commit myself to proactively create a situation that counteracts the consequences that I have created, and I do so in support of myself, and within that I stop myself from believing that I am trapped and can no longer change my situation.

I commit myself to push myself and change what I am doing if I have triggered myself to experience myself as trapped, and within that I move myself physically and stop all thoughts.


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