Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 275 - Wherever I go I am able to respond as self

Here I follow up with self-commitment statements on the point I applied self-forgiveness to in the previous post.

I commit myself to stop myself from constructing thoughts around a situation that I responded to within my capability and ability to respond.

I commit myself to practice "acting from the place of self", as the being, the physical breathing entity that is here in shared time and space.

I commit myself to stop interpreting my ability to respond from multiple perspectives and centralise my ability to respond to come from me as being equal and one to all that is here.

I commit myself to stop "working" out backwards, from the outcome, what my ability to respond should be, by looking at how I want the outcome to be, and thus adapting my "ability to respond" accordingly. I realise that estimating the outcome and working out backwards my ability to respond is done from fear and emotion, it is me acting within predictive programming.

I commit myself to stop speculating on the future, and future events, and move myself from the moment of breath that is here - and apply myself within in my ability to respond accordingly.

I commit myself to stand equal to the word responsibility.

I commit myself to stop making responsibility a habit to respond to situations in ways that I have always responded to, but to look at each situation individually, and make this act, this act of seeing anew and fresh, the habitual approach to all situations I can respond to.

I commit myself to write this point out until I am empty and experience physical release from writing.

I commit myself to respond to my programming in the physical, to learn to practice self-forgiveness from within the beingness that I am, in the centre of my physical body, and use the in- and out-breath to write myself out in awareness. 


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