Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 273 - My ability to respond is here

This post is a continuation from the previous two posts.

I commit myself to live a life where I am able and capable to respond in all situations that I move myself into.

I commit myself to live a life where I stop seeing myself exempt from my ability to respond to the context of the situation I move myself into and to create a future for all who are part of my context that is best for all living beings.

I commit myself to stop my reactions, feelings and emotions so that I stop the "veil" which preoccupies me and which hinders me from seeing reality as is, instead of seeing it through the lenses of my past on the one hand, which is merely the programs that I have accepted myself to become on the basis of my memories and environment, and the lenses of my future, on the other hand, which encapsulate the picture I have of myself and through which I determine my desires, wants and needs.

I commit myself to keep walking the point of responsibility until I have exhausted every possible angle of how I try to manipulate my innate ability to respond through the use of my physical body so that at the end of this journey I stand free from fear and ego and direct myself from a place of oneness, where my individual contribution is my ability to create earth as a habitat that is best for all.

I commit myself to keep asking the question "what is my responsibility here?", each day, until I understand how I have abdicated my ability to respond and have created myself through predictive programming which has brought me to the situation where I find myself today.

I commit myself to to walk the accumulation where I widen and extend my ability to respond in my process, as well as in support of others in their process, my relationships and my work.

I commit myself to take on my resistances in all areas instead of hiding myself in my mind through justifications and excuses - and I do so by exposing myself to self-honesty. 


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