Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 270 - The caffeine-addict pt4

Here I am posting the self-commitment statements on the THOUGHT dimension of my coffee addiction.

I commit myself to stop pictures coming up in my mind when I hear the word coffee and smell coffee being freshly brewed.

I commit myself to stop accepting ideas about coffee which appear to me in pictures or in unfulfilled desires and realise that I am not the picture, I stand one and equal to whatever picture related to coffee appears in my mind.

I commit myself to stop all self-negating thoughts on quitting to drink coffee.

I commit myself to stop the picture of making coffee at home a source to fuel my desire for coffee.

I commit myself to stand one and equal to all types of coffee and do not use my preference to one coffee over another to trap myself into drinking coffee.

I commit myself to realise that my desire to have coffee is here because I believe that coffee can make me feel better and that I work better with coffee, which is a pattern I have created through a belief system.

I commit myself to walk through this addiction and get to the bottom of all of my addictions until I stand addiction-free.

I commit myself to stop all suppression about me not accepting myself as I am and what I look like, and use coffee to glance over this point instead of facing it here as me in the physical. 

I commit myself to investigate the deeper point of suppression that I am experiencing and allowing to manifest via my coffee addiction. 


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