Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 262 - Train ride: don't sit next to me pt5

In this post I am now committing myself to "walk" the changes. In other words, how I will implement the stopping of the thoughts I have detailed in the previous post.

I see, realise and understand that when I am working on the train, I am working in a public place and so I have to make adjustments to this shared space and stop expecting that people will not interfere in some way, e.g. staring at my screen. I commit myself to make adjustments working in the context of my environment.

I commit myself to accept that the environment is explosive when it comes to shared germs and realise that this is how the world is - and 'thinking' otherwise is just to keep the illusion that we function independent from each other and not as a group. I realise that individualism is a myth that has no basis in how reality functions.

I commit myself to accept that I have with my participation in this system co-created the train condition and that there is no one to blame outside from me. I realise that the way forward is to change myself so that the world can change.

I commit myself to stop acting from the point of superiority because I work on the train using a laptop.

I commit myself to stop hiding behind the language point and say things that I need to say, and stop making the excuse of not wanting to be treated like a foreigner. 


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