Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 253 - My accepted stress pattern & the resulting personality pt 21

In this post I am writing out the self-commitment statements on the REACTION dimension which has been forgiven in the previous post.

I realise that the way I act in the world and the energy I generate within myself in situations that demand of me to act swiftly, to run, hurry up, and to generally be aware of a time limit - is dictated by the program that I have accepted as me.

I realise that I am a body moving in space, which I can do faster or slower, and that this does not necessitate my internal state of anxiety and fear.

I realise that at some point in my life, I programmed myself to equate the speed of moving with anxiety and fear, which I later projected into situations with a time limit.

I realise that I can disconnect my reactions from situations where I have to move faster too make a time limit.

I realise that I am the one who can choose in common sense whether a) I must really use speed or whether I choose to use speed to maintain my addiction to the program I have accepted as me and b) if and when I must use speed to meet a time pressured situation, I do so without the accompanying energetic habits- instead I just breathe.

I realise that I am addicted to haste and hurry because I have allowed myself to equate this type of behaviour with self-value - as I believe that through this behaviour I get things done.

I realise that I believe my thoughts during these situations and within that I realise that I can stop.

With these realisations I commit myself to stop this pattern of producing anxiety and fear through time pressure and limits and within that I stop my thoughts and beliefs and let go of all memories of my childhood that I hold onto and are associated with stressing myself to move faster at any cost.

I commit myself to walk this point until I no longer react to time pressure, stress and I no longer choose situations where I have tasks that outweigh the time limits in which they have to be produced.

I commit myself to stop my addiction to perform under pressure as a way to see value within myself.  


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