Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 251 - My accepted stress pattern & the resulting personality pt 19

In this post I begin to finalise the backchat dimension from the previous posts with self-commitment statements

I commit myself to stop describing myself and identifiying myself within polarisations such as slow/fast.

If and when the voices in my head take over, as I can hear them loud and clearl, I stop myself believing that they are real, that I am unable to stop them and thus, I breathe and I stop.

I commit myself to stop all encouraging self-talk because I realise that this talk only exists in polarisaton where I use energy to hike myself up so that I willingly excert myself to a maximum to either run to catch the train or to make that deadline.

If and when I try to blame my mother for how she has raised me I stop myself and realise that I am still separating myself and thus I refuse to change. I realise that I need to dig deeper in self-forgiveness to eliminate all points that I am still holding onto and I commit myself to doing that.

If and when I realise that I am justifying my stress pattern by believing that I have too much to do, I realise that these are justifications that support myself self-definitions. I commit myself to stop all self-definitions and accept myself to be here as breathing entity.

If and when in my environment people are not moving fast enough or I need to move faster than they do, I commit myself to do so in the way that is best for all and I stop any and all backchat that looks to blame others.


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