Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 245 - My accepted stress pattern & the resulting personality pt 13

Here I finalise my self-commitment statements for the THOUGHT dimension...

I see, realise and understand that I have accepted and allowed myself to have based my stress pattern on the fear of being punished for destroying something that belongs to my mother. I understand that the repeated reprimand not to break xyz has been used by me to create stress and anxiety. I commit myself to stop the pattern of anticipating the possible breaking of xyz to create stress within myself.

I commit myself to stop seeing myself as “running behind” whether that is literally, as in the picture where I am running behind a car, or whether that is figuratively, when I am “running behind” because I am late, or I am “running behind” after something I desire/want/need.

I understand that when I write a test, I have programmed myself to stress about finishing the test within the time I have. I commit myself to pace myself and stop my stress reactions.

I commit myself to stop the picture/thought of being stuck between a rock and a hard place which plays out, for example, where I am trying to get on the Autobahn and others are waiting behind me to move on, where I create stress by believing I am another person’s way.

I commit to make decisions in common sense. I delete thoughts where I am in a situation where I must speed up my own behaviour to keep up with what is happening in the situation, and within that situation I commit myself to make a decision in common sense to determine whether to continue my activity or not, and through making the decision and allowing myself to stop, I stop all stress.

I commit myself to engage in situations that I prior to my engagement first evaluate as "feasible" and if not feasible I look for alternatives so that I stop participating in a situation where I have to hope, guess, or wish that I get what I want.

I commit myself to stop when I am lost somewhere, and first breathe, recollect myself, before starting up again to find my way.


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