Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 236 - My accepted stress pattern & the resulting personality pt 4

...and so I continue from the fear dimension (see previous posts) to the self-commitment statements:

I commit myself to face my childhood and the locked up emotions I have buried inside me and stop using this situation and my relationship to my parents, especially the relationship I have with my mother, to hold on to my emotions and to push away the responsibility I have for my emotions, whereby I realise that my childhood evolved the way it did and that is a fact which no one can change and within that I realise that pointing fingers is continuing in the same vein instead of standing equal to my childhood, my parents and my Self.  

I commit myself to stop fearing who I have become and face the situation of time and completing of my tasks as me, where I welcome all that I am by accepting all that I am, here in this moment, and work with the point of getting my stuff done without hassling myself in any way but explore and devise the most lucrative and practical ways of working and time management, open and flexible for different approaches, where I am treating myself as equal to all the variable of the situation, and I stand together as my Self with a mind, and work through the situation breath by breath - at ease. 

I commit myself to see, realise and understand that I am the one who places limitations onto myself, even when I do it indirectly via my acceptances from what is presented to me by the external world where I allow myself to use fear to impose limitations onto my Self -thus I herewith stop justifying self-imposed limitations. 

I commit myself to see, realise and understand that I am also the one who determines what I believe: I stop believing that I am powerless; so that I can in moments use fear to impose fear of not working fast enough onto myself - thus I herewith stop using fear to impose fear onto me so that I can limit myself. 

I commit myself to stop believing that scarcity of resources, information, skill or some kind of material is a reason why I have to apply fear onto my Self where I create a double-binding fear of not having what is needed to create in the time frame required. I realise that I, at all times, have what I need if I use common sense which allows me to see the most practical manner of proceeding. 

I commit myself to stop believing that getting somewhere faster makes me a better person and to stop believing in the picture I have of myself with the idea that I can be super human not realising that life on earth is always connected to a process and in this I stop my mind and become equal to all processes on earth. 

I commit myself to stop using fear to get my expectations of my Self met. I realise that this is a form of separation where I create self-abuse in form of expectations. 

I commit myself to stop using fear in an indirect manner, where I fear someone else abusing me through having expectations of me because I realise that all thoughts on expectation of my Self only originate from within me. 

I commit myself to stop using fear to blackmail myself where I believe that my desires and wishes, or essentially the picture I have of myself are conditioned by behaving in a certain way which includes performing with speed and haste. 


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