Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 232 - Looking over the wall of 2012 to 2013 pt.2

This post continues from last post with self-commitment statements.

If and when I want to access my memory I stop and breathe.  I realise that my motivation to look back on the year that has just past is rooted in self-evaluation and separation from who I am as life. I commit myself to stop this behaviour and realise that there is never a special time where I must self-evaluate my performance - it is always and forever based on ego which comprises the "picture I have of myself"

If and when I compare myself to one year vs another year I realise that I am missing the point of life and have made myself the 'object' of my desires - I commit myself to stop the project that is me by projecting my desires into the future from the past. 

I and when I judge others who celebrate NY eve, I realise that I am separating myself and place myself as superior - I stop myself from doing so and commit myself to stop all that is self-righteous about me. 

If and when I entertain memories to produce feelings e.g. nostalgia, about times past I realise that I do this to justify my attachment to things and people. I commit myself to stop attaching myself and face myself here in every moment without the typical memorylane escape routes.

If and when I feel sorry for the animals because of all the noise and chaos that they have to face on NY eve, I stop myself and stand as an equal to humanity. I commit myself to stop all forms of separation from humanity as a whole. 

If and when I want that there is an external motivation to get another chance to improve my life, for example with the cultural belief that the new year will bring fresh opportunities, I stop and breathe.
I commit myself to self-motivate my change on a daily basis through breathing. 

If and when I feel dissatisfied with a year that has just passed  I realise that I am enacting my parents. I commit myself to stop all self-parenting and direct myself in breath.

If and when I want to measure my achievements I stop myself and bring myself here. I commit myself to stand one and equal to all projects and achievements.

If and when I assume that I won't have much time this year, I stop myself and realise that this is creating fear within myself. I commit myself to make myself aware of the moments where I want to create fear within myself. 

If and when I have backchat come up about what this year should be and what the past year was, I stop myself and breathe. I commit myself to no longer accept backchat and I stop it whenever it comes up. 


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