Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Day 226, 2012 Civic pride, or how to conduct myself in shared public or semi-public spaces 2

This post continues on the fear dimension from the previous post - here I am presenting the self-commitment statements.

If and when I believe that I am responsible for other’s trash and no one will clean up if I don’t, I realise that I am perpetuating beliefs from my mother and I enact them to make myself feel useful.
I stop and breathe and focus on my true responsibility in changing myself to an equal through self-honesty and breathing.

If and when I see that it is necessary to mention to the owner a condition related to the house, e.g. the hallway, I do so when I have the opportunity without making it a big deal, I basically just state what is already obvious. I realise that I need to convey the information in the most appropriate manner to avoid misconceptions.

If and when I go onto automatic pilot and clean up I stop myself and realise that I accept this as a belief. I realise that I can stop and breathe and observe myself and my reactions, so that I can go deeper into understanding what I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as.

If and when I fear that I am turning into everyone’s mom, I realise that I have defined “mom behaviour” as someone who cleans up after others. I stop myself cleaning up after my neighbours but rather come up with an idea to fix this problem, and suggest it to the neighbours.

If and when I fear that I am a control freak because I pick up trash in the street, I stop picking up trash and observe what happens. I breathe and stand equal to the trash.

If and when I fear that I just want the picture that I see to be pleasing, I stop and breathe and I investigate what it is that I am in denial about when I see trash.

If and when I fear behaving in a stereotypical manner, I stop myself and breathe and look at the practicality of what I do and assess the situation from the starting point of equality and oneness. I stop all fears and breathe.

If and when I limit myself in how I live my life because I do not want to deal with the physical reality, I stop and breathe and investigate what I am in denial about regarding the point of accumulation.

If and when I worry about having too much stuff I realise it’s all about me not liking to clean or maintain stuff. I breathe and investigate the beliefs I have as to why I don’t like cleaning/maintaining.

If and when I believe that making order takes too much time I stop and breathe and look at how I effective I am in my time management.

If and when I fear that I am self-righteous about picking up other people’s trash, I realise that this is a matter of starting point - I look at my starting point in self-honesty, and stand one and equal to the act. 


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