Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 216, 2012 Between fear and enjoyment - closing the gap in breath and self-trust 2

This is a continuation from the previous post - where one can also read the initial situation that led to this mental pattern deconstruction. 

Self-commitment statements. 

If and when I experience the sense of threat which is the fear that I am no longer safe, I stop and realise that this is my mind who does not want to learn any thing ‘new’ but rather wants to stay self-contained preserving what it already knows. I commit myself to apply myself to the study new material and accept that it is part of interdisciplinary research to learn new material.

If and when I doubt my capabilities I stop and breathe and look at it in common sense: I realise that I am not working in a vacuum and that I have all the requirements in place to make a valid contribution - within that I commit myself to stop self-evaluation where I am trying to judge and determine if my work is sufficiently original.

If and when I limit myself by using my title as an excuse, or the lack of not having done enough literature review, I realise that this is self-imposed and there aren’t any rules in how or for what I must use my title. I commit myself to stop all excuses to impose limitations on myself.

If and when I fear that I am not satisfying my collaborators, I realise that I do this work for someone else instead of doing it for myself. I commit myself to work on this presentation for myself where I do not make the quality of the work dependent on others which does not mean that others cannot give me feedback but I stop placing my responsibility onto others.

If and when I fret about the starting of the project because I don’t know how, I stop myself and breathe and realise that I can use common sense to structure my approach.

If and when I fear that I am not seeing the value of this opportunity because I block myself in fear, I stop and breathe and slow myself down, I realise that fear is not real and that through self-will I can stop myself.

If and when I fear myself I stop and breathe and realise that I have given permission for this fear to exist and therefore I am the one who stops the fear. I commit myself to simply stop my fears and stop myself from making anxiety a complex issue.

If and when I realise that I am I letting the "ambitious" character take over my way of being in the world, because I strive for high results, I stop myself and realise that this is future projection which is setting myself up for an energetic charge. I commit myself to no longer create energetic charge by stopping my mental existence that draws on the past and future.

If and when I fear that I am not grasping the problem that I am researching I stop myself and realise that I am blocking myself and that I can stop myself by bringing myself here. I commit myself to stop judging myself when I don’t understand something right away, instead I reset my starting point, relocate my self-awareness and systematically approach the material by using my common sense.

If and when I fear that no one will understand what I am talking about I realise that the main point is that I can understand it - I realise that if I have a thorough understanding then I am able to explain what I understand to others. I commit myself to verify that I have an understanding of the material and that I am able to convey my understanding in simplicity.

If and when I fear comes up that I make a straw man’s argument I check with my collaborators for their input. I commit myself to ultise my resources to the fullest and stop holding back and limiting myself.

If and when I fear that I don’t have enough time I realise that it all depends on how I organise my time and how self-directed I act. I commit myself to stop using time as an excuse why I can or cannot do a certain project.

If and when I fear that I am not effective enough I look at how I spend my time and make adjustments. I stop making any assumptions about how effective I can be before I applied myself to integrate the project into my schedule.  


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