Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 207, 2012 My parental visit - Commitment statement

This is a continuation from the previous post.

If and when I plan on seeing my parents I focus on planning the concrete physical aspects of getting to my parent and stop myself from planning anything else. I commit myself to see, realise and understand that I do not plan my visit using my mind but only plan the logistics to get to my parent's place. 

If and when I see my parents I stop all judgements where I evaluate my progress in how I see myself in relation to my own process. I commit myself to take every moment as is, and do not place a goal or focus on my interactions with my parents.

If and when my mother asks me about something that I believe is none of her business, I push myself to answer her question in a straight forward manner. I commit myself to take a deep breath and answer my mother's question about my life.

If and when my mind is going off on a tangent, I just stop myself through breathing. I commit myself to no longer accept mind chatter and take responsibility to stop myself.

If and when I fear conflict I realise that I am the one who accepts the emotion that I have identified as "emotions of conflict" and that I am the one who can stop my emotion through breathing here. I commit myself to address my fears from self-honesty and take
responsibility for the emotions that I allow to exist as me.

If and when I believe that I must be in separation of my parents I stop and realise that I have designed my whole life on the basis of this separation. I commit myself to stop the source of all my decisions and within that I stop the need to reiterate behaviour of separation. 


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